To accelerate product innovation, gain access to new product markets and collaborate better with suppliers manufacturers need innovative technology solutions. Manufacturing is being compelled to innovate, manage rising labor costs and improve safety standards. To break the mold, manufacturers need to meet industry forces head-on in their complex make-to-order, make-to-stock, and configure-to-order requirements market.


Teramindz partners with global automotive and discrete manufacturing to deliver meaningful IT solutions across the value chain. Our solutions are aimed at delivering design, product engineering, application and infrastructure, sales, service and end-of-life management for today's global manufacturing operations.

Improved visibility of orders and reduced inventory through a dealer management solution.
better reporting and greater accountability for sales force incentives, through a business intelligence solution.
Improved consumer engagement and collaboration.
Teramindz implemented a topology for our client to enable improved understanding of customer preferences and buying habits
Teramindz can help you streamline production processes, improve supply chain visibility and accelerate time to market.


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